Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles With Bone Broth

Collagen helps give your skin its tone and is crucial for healthy, younger looking skin. As a structural protein, collagen supports your skin’s elasticity, as you age though the collagen production in your body will naturally start depleting – which is why you’ll want to consider taking a high-quality collagen supplement from a clean source.

Since the loss of collagen leads to the appearance of lines, wrinkles and even thinning of the skin, the more you’re able to maintain higher levels of collagen the more youthful your skin will appear.

To help with collagen production eat foods rich in Vitamin C, but for a more direct approach – try bone broth and gelatin. They both contain collagen your body can quickly absorb.

Bone broth is rich in collagen, and helps support tissue regeneration by feeding your body proteins that encourage the appearance of new cells. It also acts as a detoxifier, which makes your skin look healthier since it helps diminish the appearance of blackhead and pimples.

Bone broth is also rich in glycine and proline. These amino acids are responsible for the correct production of collagen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote healthy digestion too.

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